Team truck driving isn’t for everyone, but for those that like the idea of driving with a partner, would you consider driving with your spouse or significant other?  That’s what Jim and Cora Keever do.  They’re a husband and wife owner operator driver team out of Cabot, Ark. The couple have been driving together for the past six years, including the last three for Greatwide Logistics Services out of Anderson,

Jim is a veteran driver; Cora rode alongside her husband for a year before she decided to get her CDL to help him with the driving.  Originally, she merely wanted to drive part time when Jim needed to get somewhere faster. However, but she fell in love with driving and now she and her husband share driving responsibilities.  They have been team truck driving all over the lower 48 states, and currently haul LTLs from Anderson, S.C. to Los Angeles for three consecutive weeks before taking a week off at home to relax.

When she’s not driving, Cora hasn’t just been napping either.  She got so fired up about getting her CDL that she decided to start taking college classes online in the truck while Jim was driving.  The result? Cora just graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Business Administration, and she’s not done yet.  She plans on continuing her “mobile” education to earn a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in philosophy as well.  She quickly put her schooling to good use too.  She and Jim recently bought a second truck and started their own business, Randee Express, LLC, while continuing team truck driving for Greatwide Logistics.

When asked what for her thoughts about Greatwide, she said, “Greatwide Logistics treats us right.  They let us move between fleets when we want to move, and if we don’t like it, they’ll let us move again.  They’re a good company to work for.”  She and Jim have driven in four different fleets since they started team truck driving for Greatwide:  Walmart Dedicated, Sam’s Club Dedicated, Tyson Dedicated, and now AmCan, their current fleet.  Changing fleets lets them see different parts of the country and keep the driving fresh, while still working for one company the entire time.

Greatwide Logistics Services provides dedicated transport, truckload management, truckload brokerage, and distribution logistics services to businesses across the continental United States.  They hire owner-operators for single and team truck driving positions across their vast fleet.  Greatwide is always on the lookout for great talent and dedicated drivers, so make sure to check them out when you’re ready to make your next move up to a quality trucking company.  Jim and Cora Keever did.

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