Last February, we announced that Cardinal Logistics, a dedicated transportation solutions provider, and Greatwide had successfully completed a merger. This enabled the companies to create a market leading logistics organization that would offer a broad services platform to a much wider customer base. Now that we have joined forces, we have one of the largest, most diverse dedicated fleet operations in the country with 5,000 drivers and 125 operating locations.

Our capabilities in supporting longer-haul, large-fleet requirements have combined with Cardinal’s niche in last-mile delivery, which is either from distribution center to the retail store, from the store to the customer or, in some cases, direct-to-customer.

Many of you have asked us, what does the union of Cardinal and Greatwide mean for me, the driver?

For drivers, it means many more choices and opportunities. We now have a much larger customer base, and our combined offerings means more companies will select our services to access highly customized, value-added irregular route truckload, less than truckload, full service freight brokerage, managed transportation, and warehousing services across the U.S. and Canada. This means more dedicated routes and more loads for our drivers.

It also means stronger positions in the dedicated sector, where we dedicate equipment and drivers to serving an individual customer and allows the customer to lock in rates and capacity with the carrier for a multi-year period Cardinal and Greatwide, as one company operate approximately 5,500 power units on behalf of more than 50 customers in the dedicated market.

By joining forces, Cardinal and Greatwide have created a solid competitor within the industry. We are now one of the leading logistics organizations. Our combined company’s dedicated contract carriage and delivery division will operate across multiple industries, including grocery, bulk food, retail, metals and building products. This means more choices and opportunities to prosper and grow and to pass on these opportunities to our drivers.

How do you feel about working for a better, stronger, more driver sensitive company? Please leave your thoughts below!